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10 Tips to Designing Your Course Masterpiece

with Larry Lambert
Wed, 11/20/2013 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm (Pacific Time)

Trying to figure out what the best design strategy is for your new online course is more than confusing, it’s crazy. There are so many recommended methods, all very nice and neat with guaranteed results that will make you a rock star to your students and school. Parades will be in your honor, statues erected of your visage and people will stare in awe as you walk by, right? Maybe something a little less is the real truth. You are fighting each step to understand how to create a course masterpiece that will get you through the term, save time, allow you to be as creative as time permits and be something your students will respond to.

This presentation will break down the strategies that are involved in creating a course that is simple, effective and allows you to develop it with as little stress as possible. As a faculty or Instructional Designer you only land in your institutions “Learning System” when your course outline is done, content decided and you have a plan at the starting line. These ten (actually eleven but nobody catches it) simple steps are easily understood and clearly explained for your long-term awareness. Participants will take away a simple acronym that easily explains the philosophy and creativity used to build a course that bypasses much of the confusing narrative that some instructions like to create for your reading pleasure. You will have a clear and long-lasting understanding about where the real starting line is to create a course worthy of your talents and not pull your hair out trying to get there. Before you ever login to your course shell, making these strategies a part of your online teaching foundation will smooth out many of the barriers and bumps when you do start the process of building your course.

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