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Making Effective Instructional Videos - Self-Paced

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Learn how to create a professional-looking video, without needing to download a thing, using only your webcam. In this self-paced course you'll learn how to plan a short video production that maximizes your impact - while minimizing your effort. Whether you want to create a short video lecture, record a narration along with your PowerPoint presentation, or demonstrate something on your computer (or a little bit of all of these edited together), the tips and information in this course can help take your video to the next level.

You'll learn how to create screen-capture videos using a free, web-based tool that records anything that's happening on your computer screen, from PowerPoint presentations, to software demonstrations, or web tours. You'll also get tips on how to best record great videos using just your webcam, from easy set-up to getting the most flattering camera angles, and dealing with fears of being recorded.

But the real power is in editing! Use the free, online YouTube editor to bring it all together. You can easily trim clips, insert titles, add transitions between video clips or still images, and even incorporate Creative Commons licensed videos made by others.

Your video wouldn't be nearly as useful without captions -- it becomes accessible, searchable, and even translatable with captions. You'll learn how to add closed-captions to your final video, and then embed it a course management system or on a website.

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