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Humanizing Online Learning - Webinar Series

Study after study has found that a sense of isolation is a primary factor in low online student retention and success. This series will give you tools to more easily create feelings of belonging and community to help your students succeed (and make your teaching more rewarding).This series is designed around the facilitation framework for humanized online learning. It will help faculty who teach online develop strategies for supporting underserved students, including using "nudges" to motivate students, mining Canvas analytics to determine which students need a little nudge, using an emerging tool, Flipgrid, to build online community, and a collaborative "think tank" for you to share your own ideas that work.


Introduction to Humanizing Online Learning 

with Michelle Pacansky-Brock

Presence, empathy, and awareness are the facilitation principles of humanized online learning. Michelle will introduce you to this framework and unveil research that demonstrates why humanizing is the secret sauce for supporting the needs of our underserved student population. 


Nudging Students with Your Human Presence

with Fabiola Torres, Glendale Community College 

We all need a nudge sometimes, right? Nudges are an important part of supporting the success of our online students. And when you use video to infuse your nudges with your human presence, students are more likely to trust you and less likely to drop your class. Fabiola will demonstrate why it’s important not be perfect, but to be human!

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Humanizing Think Tank

with Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Lené Whitley-Putz, and You! on 10/19/17 from 3 to 4pm PDT
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There are no experts here! Join Michelle and Lene for this interactive share session about humanizing. They will kick the event off by sharing one of their favorite humanizing strategies and then open it up to YOU to share your own! Get ready to fill your bag with new tips, tricks, and tools. 


Using Flipgrid for Community-Rich, Online Learning

with Dayamudra Dennehy on 10/24/17 from 3 to 4pm PDT
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Flipgrid is the hottest new tech tool and perfect for online classes. Learn how simple it is to create video grids for your classes on any topic with built-in auto-transcription, breathing life into your Discussion Boards and group projects. In this webinar we will explore what instructors love about this platform, a simple walk-through on how to set it up for your courses, and examples from instructors on the ground. We will create our own unique Flipgrid within the webinar, giving everyone the chance to participate on the platform. Special focus will be on using Flipgrid with English-Language Learners, and the content will be applicable across disciplines. 


Developing Awareness with Canvas Analytics

with Sallie Michalsky, Canvas - check back soon for time and date!

If you aren’t aware of your students’ learning patterns, you cannot know who needs your support at this very moment. Sallie will demonstrate how to use the analytics in your Canvas courses, which include rich, visual data about your students’ log-in routines, where their scores rank in relation to the rest of the class, and assignment completion rates.